CA 38th Assembly District, Republican Central Committee

For Republicans in the 38th AD the Central Committee election on June 5, 2012 is very important.  The committee has become very divided since the 2010 election, at least.

My recommendation is to vote for those calling themselves the “Conservative Candidates” and pledging honesty and a new transparency to the local politics. is a website to tell you a little more about them.

There are 20 candidates running for this little known office. At least six of them will hopefully come from Albright, Atkins, Messina, Gregory, Varner, Basail, and Lampton or Haggard. That should bring the best result for the future of the area party. If it is important for some others to be on this committee then the legislators can choose them as their appointed representative on the committee.

For more information about this race see the file.

Donate for Democracy

11:00 a.m.

Do you have a few dollars that you can send to help good people get elected to Congress?

Two who could use your $$ now are:

Lt. Col. Bill Russell – 
Do not be put off by the fact that Google has marked his campaign website with a “?” — that is Google’s little bit for the Democrats.

Bill Russell is running against John Murtha. Pennsylvania Congressman. It is time for Murtha to retire–he served his country, well, I presume. But his last two terms (of 17? –time to retire anyway) he’s lost it. He made terrible accusations against a group of our soldiers in Iraq–they were later exonerated–cleared from any blame in the incident. But Murtha’s comments had already gone out around the world to be used against the USA by our enemies and to demoralize our soldiers. He’s also the one who calls western PA people racists and rednecks. I think his party considers those things not covered under free speech.

Michelle Bachman –  Minnesota Congresswoman. 

A strong voice for values I/we believe in, she’s the kind of person that we need in Congress. She is under attack, literally (her house was vandalized yesterday), because she said on Chris Mathews show, at his instigation, that many in congress hold anti-American views and she encourages that the media would investigate some. Since I’ve made that observation myself from listening to some, I can totally support her and hope that if you have a few dollars to send that would help her out. She regrets her choice of words–but the fact remains that, sadly, many Democrats have spoken words in recent years that certainly aided America’s enemies, in propaganda at least.

Republican Convention

Day 2 is done.   I’m sad that President Bush was unable to come and receive the very warm welcome that I think he would have received. The people there tried to show their love and appreciation for Laura Bush. But it wasn’t the same having him there by live feed from the White House. But maybe that is as it was meant to be. No one but God brought a hurricane to Louisiana on the day the president was to deliver his address.

Great speech by Senator Fred Thompson. Where was this Fred Thompson during the primaries? Evidently he really does do better with a script. The audience was spellbound by the story of John McCain’s military career. No doubt many like me had not heard that much of it before tonight. I knew the bits and pieces, but it is very impressive when all told in one telling. Obviously there are many more stories to be told, though he did spend years in solitary confinement while in Hanoi. It was also good to be reminded in one of the sequences of the great life and accomplishments of President George H. W. Bush.

The talk, though, is all about Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska, the VP candidate who was introduced dramatically last Friday.  She is a scene stealer. Initially when McCain walked out on the stage with Cindy on Friday with a young woman between them, I was worried. Oh no, I thought, surely that isn’t her, she looks like the “deer in the headlights” that the media used to say about Bush. But, relief, that was a McCain daughter. No problem if she appears that way.

When McCain introduced Gov. Palin, out came this confident, attractive woman. Her attractive family was also introduced. She appears wonderful. What a relief. When she spoke the expectant crowd was not disappointed.  She was excellent, very well spoken. Enthusiastic and passionate about her topics.  The crowd, estimated from 10-20,000, though I never heard a TV person comment on the size and enthusiasm of the crowd, was very receptive. I thought it was a huge Republican crowd–and they appeared to love her. Oh, yeah, it wasn’t Obama. That’s why it wasn’t emphasized by media.

I’d like to describe Sarah Palin  as a potential Abe Lincoln or Ronald Reagan in a skirt, or maybe even a Deborah or an Esther–“for such a time as this.” I googled her as soon as she finished speaking to learn more. Later we watched an excellent interview done some time ago by Maria Bartaloma (?) of CNBC, on the Alaska oil and gas industry. Gov. Palin was excellent there. She spoke with a lot of knowledge about the oil and gas industry and what they/she has accomplished in Alaska. We were impressed. Maria B. appeared several times almost like the “deer in the headlights” as she seemed so amazed at what Sarah Palin was telling her. It was almost like she was thinking, “Is this really a Republican?” Of course, it is, but the media is so biased from listening to each other talk that they are surprised when Republicans (or the so-called Religious Right for that matter)  says something that doesn’t fit their paradigm for that group, an often false paradigm, I might add.  To be fair, I’m also surprised if I find myself in agreement about something with someone with whom I almost always disagree like the editorial board of the LA Times, or USA Today, or any Democrat politician from Washington or Sacramento. Sarah, as the women calling the talk shows are calling her, will do just fine. Thank you, John.

Yesterday, midst Hurricane Gustav, another hurricane was let loose. Democrat blogs were creating a story of how the 5 mo. old Down Syndrome baby of Palin’s was really not Sarah’s but was actually her daughter’s. That was wrong, of course, but it did lead to the releasing of the information that the 17 year old daughter is five months pregnant. And will marry the young father, Levi. Oh great. More thoughts tomorrow, time for bed now.