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There hasn’t been a lot of time for me to post on here; guess I spend too much of my spare time on Facebook. There is only so much spare time a person can rationalize or stay awake for. The men over at Cripplegate are doing a great job on many areas. I appreciated their thoughts in recent days. Also, Dr. John MacArthur has done some messages speaking to the issues of the day. That gives you a clue of how serious things are in this country politically as we get farther and farther from Scriptural principles.  So many good items in this article but start with Wayne Grudem’s download. He has done a lot of good work on Christians and government, including a thick textbook.  John MacArthur’s messages on current issues.   has voter guides for states   Interesting map, and a make your own place   good source for lots of info   also lots of good info  for Californians; have you found a conservative website for your state?

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California Voting Guide for November 6, 2012

Barrick Picks

  If your California races aren’t here check out:

We vote Straight Republican –because there are important differences between the parties. 


US Senator Elizabeth EMKEN

25th Congressional  Buck MCKEON

CA Senate  Steve  KNIGHT    Or some areas  Todd ZINK

38th AD  Scott WILK    Or in the 36th Ron SMITH



NO on 30—Brown’s Tax Hike

NO on 31 – Govt. reforms; was undecided but Tom McClintock, Congressman, former governor candidate convinced me

YES, YES, YES on 32 – a very long overdue ruling regarding taking money without permission

from employees/people for politics

YES on 33 – re: insurance discounts

NO on 34 – Don’t change the death penalty

YES on 35 – Strengthen human trafficking penalties

NO on 36 —  NO for law enforcement; or YES for penalties that don’t fit the crime on Three Strikes

                       {law vs mercy}

NO on 37 – says CA Rep. Party – We all want to know what we are eating,

                        but I don’t think this law is the one to do it.

NO on 38 – tax increase

NO on 39 – taxes on business; haven’t enough businesses left California?

NO on 40 – I think this one doesn’t matter; CRP fought for it, now doesn’t want it.

YES on A —  appoint (by Board of Sups) county assessor instead of elect [non-binding]

YES on B  — controls on porn industry (because it includes possible penalties)

NO on  J – due to my respect for the knowledgeable people who oppose this;

and a similar bill was just passed 6 years ago.


Barb’s Voting Guide for CA Republicans JUNE 5, 2012


President:  Now is the opportunity to vote for whomever you would like to see; it is unlikely to count for anything in California for this primary, except for bragging rights, i.e.  “I got __% of the CA vote.”               

38th AD Republican Central Committee (attached is info about this unusual race  that usually isn’t even on the ballot; but is important this time):

Wendy Albright

BJ Atkins

Mary Katie Varner

Adam Gregory

Joe Messina

Carlo Basail

Mary Mark Haggard or Tana Lampton or Pepper Parkinson



US Senator:

Elizabeth Emken is the CA Rep. Party endorsed candidate

Al Ramirez has been endorsed by two of the larger Republican clubs in California (CRA, and CCR) I heard him speak articulately on a wide range of subjects on 5/22/12; he’s got my vote; he’s 44, single and dating the same woman for nine years says he when I asked him.


US Congress:

Buck McKeon is our long term (20 yr) incumbent; chairmen of the House Armed Services committee; nice guy, been in there a long time; I’m not thrilled that he seems to desire a local political “machine” with his wife running for the State Assembly and four of the people on OUR Republican Central Committee slate are on his or his wife’s PAID STAFF

Dante Acosta, father of Rudy Acosta who was killed in Afghanistan last year; local businessman, investment advice; attends Santa Clarita Baptist Church; it’s “Dante and Goliath”


State Assembly:

38th:  SCOTT WILK  — most articulate, best qualified.


State Senate:

Steve Knight  District 21

Todd Zink District 27



[where there is a 2nd person, Craig Huey ranks that person higher on his scale]

Sean Coen 133

Sanjay Kumar 138

Lynn Olson 140

Shannon Knight 143 (“Lifelong Democrat” says she) or Andrea Thompson 145

James Otto 148  or Kenneth Hughey 147

Eric Harmon 152 (“Lifelong Democrat” says he) or Parseghian 151


District Attorney:

Alan Jackson



Michael Antonovich


I have not personally read these Measures:

State Measures:

#28     NO – doesn’t really fix anything; the term limits has not been the help it was intended to be; don’t need to change it in this way

#29     NO  is the CRP recommendation, “Big Tobacco” is behind the NO ads—but do we really need this bill?


County Measures:

H:         (a yes keeps it at 12%, a no reverts to 1983’s 10%)

L:          (not really sure on this one, seems to hit one group pretty hard; county gets lots of millions from it)

Continues to give a lot of money to LA County so yes if you want to help the county; no if you oppose taxes, certain ones anyway




CA 38th Assembly District, Republican Central Committee

For Republicans in the 38th AD the Central Committee election on June 5, 2012 is very important.  The committee has become very divided since the 2010 election, at least.

My recommendation is to vote for those calling themselves the “Conservative Candidates” and pledging honesty and a new transparency to the local politics. is a website to tell you a little more about them.

There are 20 candidates running for this little known office. At least six of them will hopefully come from Albright, Atkins, Messina, Gregory, Varner, Basail, and Lampton or Haggard. That should bring the best result for the future of the area party. If it is important for some others to be on this committee then the legislators can choose them as their appointed representative on the committee.

For more information about this race see the file.

Meg for Governor; Carly for Senate

Meg Whitman is a very competent woman, as is Carly Fiorina. These two women are/were “Rock Stars” of the corporate world and worked hard for their companies. They got salaries comparable to rock stars and other celebrities which made them wealthy women. I believe they will also work hard for the people of California to help solve some of our out of control problems.

Meg Whitman is not pro-life, but in the various degrees of things which the abortion laws affect, she is closer to our pro-life position than Jerry Brown is. She believes marriage should be only between a man and a woman.  Jerry Brown does not believe that marriage should be limited to only one man with one woman. Carly Fiorina IS pro-life and pro-marriage, the normal kind.

Meg Whitman’s religion is listed as Presbyterian.  Carly Fiorina was raised Episcopalian, married a Catholic, and is an irregular church goer(this info is from Jerry Brown is Catholic, studied earlier for the priesthood; also studied Buddhism in Japan. Barbara Boxer is Jewish.  As far as I know none of these are regular worship attenders.

Being very active in educating voters and helping people to exercise their civic duty to help elect responsible people to government, I don’t appreciate the voting record of these two women that I’m supporting. However, I prefer their ideas on running a government over the ideas of Brown and Boxer which I believe have and would run governments into the ground and as a minimum are not sustainable.