California’s First Open Primary – June 5, 2012

It’s a rule isn’t it, that in the last month before an election the time goes twice as fast if you are a candidate or are working for a candidate? There are simply not enough hours in the days for all the work that could be done. Hence, the reason for so much fund raising in politics, which then gives the candidates the money for more ways to get their message out. But where do they get their money? That is a key issue in campaign finance, but that is for another day.

We are on the eve of an historic California election–and why is this one any different? Our vote will send the top two vote-getters, when just one will be eventually elected to an office, on to the general election in November. For the first time there will be some races in November with both candidates coming from the same party, or potentially, theoretically, from neither major party. Californians bought the line that a so-called “open primary” of this sort will be good for the state. Time will tell.

Please do your part and VOTE — preferably Republican on Tuesday, June 5, 2012

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