The Night Before Romney, November 5, 2012

For months I’ve been saying “Landslide” but didn’t write about it. In 2008, I also thought the American people would never elect a person with Obama’s full name in our then circumstances. I was wrong. He was elected, so I’m not feeling real confident in my prophecies. However, when I heard Michael Barone on Saturday say “Landslide”! I was fairly certain of my thinking too, because Barone is as knowledgeable about national elections on a local level as anyone.

About Obama, as far as I’m concerned his color is one of the best things about him, he has a nice family, and a great smile. He is very talented as a speaker, comedian, maybe even a singer, but his ideas about how to improve this country in a sustainable way leave a lot to be desired. He is also the most liberal president in our history and holds very unbiblical views on life and marriage. And tomorrow the American people will decide whether he finds a new home in January. I’ve heard they’ve found some pretty nice digs in Hawaii; don’t know if that is a sure thing but sounds like quite a mansion. And may they live happily ever after enjoying the sand and the surf. Though he is young enough I’m sure he’d make another run someday.

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