California Voting Guide for November 6, 2012

Barrick Picks

  If your California races aren’t here check out:

We vote Straight Republican –because there are important differences between the parties. 


US Senator Elizabeth EMKEN

25th Congressional  Buck MCKEON

CA Senate  Steve  KNIGHT    Or some areas  Todd ZINK

38th AD  Scott WILK    Or in the 36th Ron SMITH



NO on 30—Brown’s Tax Hike

NO on 31 – Govt. reforms; was undecided but Tom McClintock, Congressman, former governor candidate convinced me

YES, YES, YES on 32 – a very long overdue ruling regarding taking money without permission

from employees/people for politics

YES on 33 – re: insurance discounts

NO on 34 – Don’t change the death penalty

YES on 35 – Strengthen human trafficking penalties

NO on 36 —  NO for law enforcement; or YES for penalties that don’t fit the crime on Three Strikes

                       {law vs mercy}

NO on 37 – says CA Rep. Party – We all want to know what we are eating,

                        but I don’t think this law is the one to do it.

NO on 38 – tax increase

NO on 39 – taxes on business; haven’t enough businesses left California?

NO on 40 – I think this one doesn’t matter; CRP fought for it, now doesn’t want it.

YES on A —  appoint (by Board of Sups) county assessor instead of elect [non-binding]

YES on B  — controls on porn industry (because it includes possible penalties)

NO on  J – due to my respect for the knowledgeable people who oppose this;

and a similar bill was just passed 6 years ago.


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