Many Voices

There hasn’t been a lot of time for me to post on here; guess I spend too much of my spare time on Facebook. There is only so much spare time a person can rationalize or stay awake for. The men over at Cripplegate are doing a great job on many areas. I appreciated their thoughts in recent days. Also, Dr. John MacArthur has done some messages speaking to the issues of the day. That gives you a clue of how serious things are in this country politically as we get farther and farther from Scriptural principles.  So many good items in this article but start with Wayne Grudem’s download. He has done a lot of good work on Christians and government, including a thick textbook.  John MacArthur’s messages on current issues.   has voter guides for states   Interesting map, and a make your own place   good source for lots of info   also lots of good info  for Californians; have you found a conservative website for your state?

[I’ve asked a question but have been real slow to respond to all the rss requests. Soon. As I figure it out.]

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