NBC Pounded Palin

And now, NBC is the one getting pounded. They are shaking up their commentator/anchor line-up for the rest of the election events like debates and election night. Their Olberman/Matthews line-up and cohorts at the RNC–Rep. Natl. Conv.–were so obviously biased and unprofessional that they’ve become an embarassment to NBC. Couldn’t happen to nicer guys.


The only poll that counts is  on November 4. That said, what a great day for “The Ticket for America.” A complete turnaround has happened in this presidential race. Sarah Palin has had a huge impact–one of the most amazing in American history, I’m sure. Almost all polls now have McCain up, including USA Today which has him up by 10. That’s amazing. Unlikely to hold, unless Sarah is even a stronger deal than we think, but fun while it lasts. 

A Ticket for America

11:00 p.m.

Day 4 — John McCain day at the RNC. Great job, by a great man. I liked his speech very much and felt that it did all that he needed to do on this occasion. I’ve learned more about his story this week than I had known before, especially about his family. An amazing story about his grandfather arriving home from the war and dying the next day. Perhaps I’ll get Faith of My Fathers to read now.  His 96 year old mother is something else. Amazing. I have greater appreciation for McCain than at any time in the last ten years. Of course, this was his show designed to highlight his positive traits.  It will be an honor to vote for him. And we are very thankful in this house that he was smart and did not choose a close friend for VP: Lieberman, Ridge, or Graham. They would have been a loosing ticket from the start.  So many policitians seem to be boring. That’s a subject for another day.  I think they are like water: so necessary, but can be so boring to study about or listen to.

I’d personally like to know more about McCain’s faith in God, but he wants to be president and he has watched what happened to the last Republican presidential candidate who declared publicly his faith in Jesus Christ. It has been almost like the Roman Coliseum in Washington in the hatred that many have for George Bush. McCain has sort of spoken of his faith in public, like at the Saddleback interview,  but this RNC was not the place he chose to do so, rather here emphasizing a key in his life, his faith in his country. While I love, honor, and respect this country it is not where I place my faith. But no doubt someone will come after him or Sarah on the faith issues in the debates–unless the questioners think that would bring up the Rev. Jeremiah Wright. He’ll be the subject for another day on this blog.

Cindy McCain was introduced to America tonight, and she also, is a very impressive person. She is quite a humanitarian. When she described walking the streets of Dhaka and looking into the faces, we could of course, identify immediately with that. I’ve been in the craft shop related to the church across the street from that orphanage, but not inside with the children. I have been to the other Catholic orphanage which is in Chittagong, where we lived. I’ve loved on those babies and children there. It’s a thrill to visit them and have the children run to hug you. So affectionate. It’s always one of those occasions where you go to encourage someone else and it ends up encouraging you. For years I’ve gotten Cindy’s fund raising letters for her work with children around the world. But I didn’t really know the extent of it. Their Bridget brings to mind the wonderful Bengali babies that friends have adopted into their homes and loved, most from those same orphanages. One of the girls (we’ve recently connected again on Facebook) is in a medical school in Michigan and starts her ER service this week; one of the boys just joined the US Army this year. The McCains would love to know those children–well adults now, children no more. Cindy will make a beautiful first lady for America. I’m sure she  has been “proud of America” on many, many occasions, unlike someone else we could name.

Briefly saw Todd Palin speaking to a group today. Not quite as experienced a speaker as his wife, but he’ll get there, because he appears to be equally as charming. Palin said something like, “If I’d had a crystal ball all those years ago, I’d have thought more about it when she said she wanted to get involved with the PTA.” 

After watching quite a bit of punditry, more than my dear husband can stand, so he has gone to bed, I think I can say that it will take an act of God to get Republicans elected. And we’ve had that before. Sometimes one listens to these commentators and thinks, “Did you just hear the same thing I did, because what we got from it is totally different.” At this moment I’m watching Andrea Mitchell drowning in balloons. She’s not happy. This has not been a happy week for her. And many of her friends. David Gergen, on whatever channel. He really raises my ire.  All the MSNBC folks. Sally Quinn, wherever she works. Sally Quinn. Hmm. Peggy Noonan whom I used to respect.  Of course, all the Clintonistas are not happy–Begala, et.al. More on all of those folks on another day. And I think I just heard one of the women say something about “how appealing Sarah will be to all those non-college educated women out there.” Another woman pundit also said something like that this week. Hmmm.

It’s been four days for Republicans to be thankful for the blessings that we do have and the many fine people that are leaders for America from our party. And for us to get to know the best presidential ticket for America. Some of the most important people for our party, and my favorites, were not there. But I believe their day will come, though not if the commentators and the Democrats have anything to say about it. We have to get McCain elected. He’s running against the Democrats AND the media–a challenging task. I think John McCain and Sarah Palin are up for it.  It’s a long road to the White House–a long, Yellow Brick Road?

Sarah — Not Plain, Not Tall

8 a.m. 

Sarah Palin went prime time USA last night to the delight of millions of Americans. She delivered as she needed to do in an authoritative way, but with a disarming smile. Not only did the goprule last night, the goprocked! The modern man has to work with the modern woman–she seems like a woman you could work with. As long as you are doing things right. Get on her bad side or be corrupt and she’s liable to come after you. America needs more people like this. People who will stand for what is right and work for it. That is the American that I know and love. Truth, justice, and the American way!

Here is a woman to be reckoned with. Not plain. Not tall. Kinda’ resembles Wonder Woman–not that we want her dressed in red, white, and blue with stars. Maybe it’s the hair. It will be interesting to watch the hair. The style. The color. The suit was great last night. Good choice.

The words. She delivered them well. I still pray and will tell the McCain campaign, for what it’s worth, but it will make me feel better, that they should leave her alone and let her be herself. We all have room for improvement so a little could be alright, but if they mess with her too much, Alaskans might say, “Who is this woman and what have you done with our Sarah?”

Obama has a lot of weak points. She hit several. One of the best was the line about the fact that he’s had time to write two autobiographies but not time to author legislation, especially, even in the Illinois legislature, where he also voted “present” 129 times. He couldn’t make a decision? He has his reasons, he says, but it makes great fodder because the office of president requires that you make decisions. Obama is a good talker, when he’s got a teleprompter–he does not sound quite as articulate when it is one on one or off  the cuff. In fact he frequently stammers around quite a lot. He’s nuanced they say. Thoughtful. So is George Bush. The left hasn’t liked this trait in President Bush.

And what does a community organizer do? One thing is fritter away 100 million dollars. Can it be? I think that is what I heard that the foundation received as a grant but now can’t be accounted for. Must check facts on that. Obama facts on another day. There are plenty of reasons that the American public should not vote for this man.

Back to Day 3 of the convention. We heard from the other 3 main candidates last night. They all did well. It’s a fine bench, together they make a great team, though it doesn’t appear that any of them would be in a McCain cabinet except Guliani. Rudy was great last night. Maybe the best I’ve ever heard from him. Always wonderful to be at your best, I’m sure, when it’s the largest audience you’ve had. Many things could be commented on including the outrageous media mess, but that’s for another time.

And now we have officially nominated Senator John McCain. He wasn’t my first choice, but he’s a choice we can live with, and hopefully win with. His two strengths are extremely important–strong on defense and wants to cut corruption and waste in government. Those are excellent qualifications for president. He has a proven track record on these issues. Tonight is his night. Not his finest venue, but with a very supportive audience and the thanks and prayers of a grateful nation for this great man, maybe he’ll have his finest hour as well.

Sarah Palin

9:00 a.m.

Deborah. Esther. Abraham Lincoln. Ronald Reagan.  Sarah Palin.

A mother in Israel. For such a time as this. Log cabin in the wilderness. Homespun. Down-to-earth. Genuine. The real deal.   

I’m impressed. Will you be impressed? Please, God, don’t let them change her. She’s wonderful. Obviously smart. Certainly competent. Strong values. Attractive. Didn’t go to Harvard. Didn’t go to Yale. Went to Idaho. Went back to Alaska. Been hiding out in the big woods, behind the glaciers, learning to hunt moose, being the team mom, active in PTA, learning to bring down corrupt politicians–even within her own party. Courageous. Gracious. Likeable. Energetic. Articulate. Christian. Pro-life. Creationist. Wife. Mother of five. Mother of a soldier. Mother of three daughters. Mother of a Down Syndrome baby. Church go-er. (I’m guessing there.) Assembly of God, maybe. Marathon runner. Outdoorsman. Beauty queen. Miss Congeniality. Tough. High school basketball point guard star. Nicknamed Sarah Barracuda by teammates. Commercial fisherman with her strong outdoorsman husband.  Mayor for six years. Oil and Gas Commissioner. Governor. Tough. 

And plus that, she understands we need to drill in ANWR.

When asked by a McCain person about her toughness, her reply was reportedly: “Do you know the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull?” Her answer: “Lipstick.”

She’s humbled I’m sure by the suddenly revealed pregnancy of her teenage daughter. A very interesting complication. Bristol, their 17 year old daughter, got pregnant about the time her mother was in her last month of her fifth pregnancy. Mom’s pregnancy resulted in the birth of a precious little boy with Down Syndrome. One is tempted to a lot of thoughts, but this would seem to be a place for being non-judgmental because we, the American public, do not know details, nor do we need to know details. I know a home-schooled girl who was with her mother probably nearly every moment of every day of her life–and she became pregnant out-of-wedlock. Barack Obama’s mother was pregnant at 17. Was she married at that point to the father? Even if so, it didn’t last long.  My mother was pregnant at 17, married to my father–a Biblically important difference. They have been married for 65 years. May Bristol and Levi, when, if they marry, be so blessed.

Tonight the nation meets Sarah Palin. Dedicated Republicans met her last Friday and there is huge excitement about her. She has brought excitement to what was expected to be a ho-hum pick. She is a great choice. A first impression that many have had is “this woman could be president of the United States.” Now that is a very real possibility.

The outfit she wore for her acceptance speech last Friday included shoes that look like Dorothy’s Ruby Slippers. May Sarah wear them all the way down the Yellow Brick Road to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. And the lefty liberal Democrats in this country are going nuts. Because that is a real possibility. Hillary must be apoplectic. She already was replaced this time by Barack Obama. You can almost see her melting like the Wicked Witch of the East, “But it’s mine, mine, mine…..”

Go Sarah. God bless you. “….Yet who knows whether you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this?” Esther 4:14

Republican Convention

Day 2 is done.   I’m sad that President Bush was unable to come and receive the very warm welcome that I think he would have received. The people there tried to show their love and appreciation for Laura Bush. But it wasn’t the same having him there by live feed from the White House. But maybe that is as it was meant to be. No one but God brought a hurricane to Louisiana on the day the president was to deliver his address.

Great speech by Senator Fred Thompson. Where was this Fred Thompson during the primaries? Evidently he really does do better with a script. The audience was spellbound by the story of John McCain’s military career. No doubt many like me had not heard that much of it before tonight. I knew the bits and pieces, but it is very impressive when all told in one telling. Obviously there are many more stories to be told, though he did spend years in solitary confinement while in Hanoi. It was also good to be reminded in one of the sequences of the great life and accomplishments of President George H. W. Bush.

The talk, though, is all about Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska, the VP candidate who was introduced dramatically last Friday.  She is a scene stealer. Initially when McCain walked out on the stage with Cindy on Friday with a young woman between them, I was worried. Oh no, I thought, surely that isn’t her, she looks like the “deer in the headlights” that the media used to say about Bush. But, relief, that was a McCain daughter. No problem if she appears that way.

When McCain introduced Gov. Palin, out came this confident, attractive woman. Her attractive family was also introduced. She appears wonderful. What a relief. When she spoke the expectant crowd was not disappointed.  She was excellent, very well spoken. Enthusiastic and passionate about her topics.  The crowd, estimated from 10-20,000, though I never heard a TV person comment on the size and enthusiasm of the crowd, was very receptive. I thought it was a huge Republican crowd–and they appeared to love her. Oh, yeah, it wasn’t Obama. That’s why it wasn’t emphasized by media.

I’d like to describe Sarah Palin  as a potential Abe Lincoln or Ronald Reagan in a skirt, or maybe even a Deborah or an Esther–“for such a time as this.” I googled her as soon as she finished speaking to learn more. Later we watched an excellent interview done some time ago by Maria Bartaloma (?) of CNBC, on the Alaska oil and gas industry. Gov. Palin was excellent there. She spoke with a lot of knowledge about the oil and gas industry and what they/she has accomplished in Alaska. We were impressed. Maria B. appeared several times almost like the “deer in the headlights” as she seemed so amazed at what Sarah Palin was telling her. It was almost like she was thinking, “Is this really a Republican?” Of course, it is, but the media is so biased from listening to each other talk that they are surprised when Republicans (or the so-called Religious Right for that matter)  says something that doesn’t fit their paradigm for that group, an often false paradigm, I might add.  To be fair, I’m also surprised if I find myself in agreement about something with someone with whom I almost always disagree like the editorial board of the LA Times, or USA Today, or any Democrat politician from Washington or Sacramento. Sarah, as the women calling the talk shows are calling her, will do just fine. Thank you, John.

Yesterday, midst Hurricane Gustav, another hurricane was let loose. Democrat blogs were creating a story of how the 5 mo. old Down Syndrome baby of Palin’s was really not Sarah’s but was actually her daughter’s. That was wrong, of course, but it did lead to the releasing of the information that the 17 year old daughter is five months pregnant. And will marry the young father, Levi. Oh great. More thoughts tomorrow, time for bed now.

Hello world!

The beginning.  The 2nd beginning actually. The first profound introduction is lost in cyberspace. So, where was I? Introducing myself and my prolific opinions to the world. “Scary” says my 4 year blogger husband–but hey, maybe now he won’t have to endure alone my outbursts of trying to solve the problems of the world. Our friends can sympathize with my wonderful husband who patiently endures my rarely humble political opinions.

Are you registered to vote? You must be registered! That is the first step to saving our country from the revolution. These are times that try men’s souls and a few women’s as well. “Words have meanings” we are hearing these days–they certainly do and some are even scarier than my opinions. 

This is an important year in the life of our country and I look forward to having a place to expound to at least vent my ideas even if that is all that is ever accomplished by this. And this doesn’t have to go through the editor of the local paper. All I have to do is Save. What a concept!  It is going to be fun to be among the millions of bloggers out there in cyberspace. I’m number whatever millionth but certainly not the last. Are you a blogger? If I can do it–anybody can.

Register! Blog! Vote!